Welcome to my 2023 Catalogue

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Sprays will not be sent out till the 12th March onwards, so if you are ordering disbuds as well please add £7.50 extra postage this option is available under Early flowering Singles

(Unless you have a prior arrangerment with me)

Would customers please note:

My Onion


I have been growing onions seriously for a few years now and have had great

success with them in 2019 winning shows with bulbs of 13lb + .

This year I won the Benedict Open Show in Northumberland again with 13lb+

onions and recently Blackhall Welfare Open Show with 131/2 lb

So I am now selling my heavy strain of onion seeds for £10.00 a packet which

contains approx. 50 viable seeds.

(I am selling these direct so please email or phone me to order.)

Fungicide, Admire, Dynamec For Sale

Signum:  50gms for £7 + £3 P&P Total £10

Admire:  10gms for £25 + £3 P&P Total £28

Dynamec:  25gms for £25 + £3 P&P Total £28

Available in the shop under chemicals


John Peace

9 Briardene Way,

Brockwell Manor


Co. Durham

SR8 3NR   Tel: 01915271872   Mobile: 07932046082

If you would like a copy of my latest catalogue please send a stamp to the address above



£4.00  ............................................................... .............per plant of each variety

£8.00  ...............................................................  ...........for 3 plants of one variety

£12.00  ..........................................................................for 5 plants of one variety

£20.00  ....................................................................  ...for 10 plants of one variety


Please note these prices are, e.g. 3 plants of 1 variety = £8.00


Example 1 plant Dynasty = £4.00 plus 1 plant Billy Bell = £4.00, plus 1 plant Crystal = £4.00, total for this order = £8.00


£7.50 postage and packing will automatically added to your order

Orders over £30.00 carry an extra £3.50 carriage. this will also be added automatically when your order exceeds £30.00

Due to stock, supply orders will be dealt with on a first come first served basis

Or why not try a collection of 15 plants of MY CHOICE which will include at least 3 different colours, for £16.00. Please remember orders over £30.00 carry another £3.50 in postal charges

Example 2 x collections £20 = £40.00 + £7.50 + £3.50 extra postage Total cost £51.00


Cuttings are best taken from January to March, depending on the variety.  Cuttings taken from basal growth produce the best cuttings.  It will take up to three weeks for the cuttings to root.  Once rooted pot them into a 31/2 " pot and use John Innes No1 compost.

Always be careful with the water at this stage, remember only water when needed.  Good indicator is when the plant is wilting on a morning, not on an afternoon.

Stop your plants at the correct time as per the guide in my catalogue.  After about 4 weeks pot the plant on, into a 5 inch pot.  At this stage keep an eye on them for pests and diseases.  Spray with a good fungicide and pesticide on a two week basis.  Again at this time be careful with the watering.

Prepare your ground with good fertiliser and plant the early flowering chrysanthemums into the open ground in May.  With late flowering chrysanthemums transfer into their final pots in June.  Grow your plants 2 up and tie each break to a cane.  This is the time to keep an eye out for white rust.  Start to give them a light feed, slightly high in Nitrogen.  When caylx shows signs of splitting bag the intermediates and incurves but let the reflexes come naturally.

National Chrysanthemum Society

If you grow Chrysanthemums why not join the National Chrysanthemum Society.  It is well worth the small cost involved, you get three bulletins a year plus free entry tickets to the National and Harrogate Flower Shows.

There are a wide range of very informative booklets available at a small cost which will help any grower no matter what cultivars you grow

To join, please contact Mr Barry Hogg, NCS General Secretary

118 Great North Road, Woodlands, Doncaster  DN6 7HT

If you wish to use an order form you are quite welcome this is a link to a downloadable form

cheques should be made payable to John Peace

Thank you

The downloadable order form is a pdf file, you may need Adobe reader

June Peace

June Peace

John Peace


Welcome to my 2023 Catalogue.

Well another year in the COVID-19 world, which has brought it's own challenges.

One thing which could not be taken away from us, was having our garden and the joy of growing our flowers.  We may not have been able to show them as much but at least it gave us a focus during lockdown.   The good news is the shows are back on and we have something to look forward to.  Firstly I apologise, that due to COVID and Brexit the price of everything has gone up.  With compost we are not only having to pay more, we are actually struggling to get peat based at all.   Therefore I have no option but to raise prices a little again this year.


I have a lovely new release by Dave Arnull which he has named 'Our Josh'

I look forward to seeing you all around the show scene.  All our stock has been flowered and selected for propagation.  All the best with your growing season!


We now have a new system for ordering hopefully this will make it much easier and resolve most if not all problems.

At the present time our web provider only takes orders through paypal.  Hopefully they will upgrade to credit card payment in the near future.

We now have online ordering with Paypal we have retained a downloadable order form for those wishing to post their order to us.

You do not need a Paypal account to order from us with Paypal